One of the nicest men you will ever get to know and meet.

Surprisingly online, I have met men who are perverted, men who have no respect for women and one day out of a facebook IR group I met a very nice man who we are still friends till today. This man is a wonderful man. GOD bless him and his kind heart. I just thought I should share a little bit about my friend.

Why this man is a true knight (translated in English for my foreign friends)

Interview on the Dutch Positive News Website Wendyonline

27th of July 2015

It are the kind of people the world can really use: those who deploy themselves disinterested for others. WENDY and the Dutch State lottery give them a podium and a streak lottery tickets, which gives them a chance this month to win 12,4 miljoen euro. This time it’s Freek Karel Mathieu Cox (41) turn, who started with charity volunteerwork at the age of eight. In 2012 he was knighted by our Majesty the Queen as Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau.


True Knight

Volunteerwork is something Freek was raised with. His mom was district chief for the Heartdiseaseresearch foundation, his dad was group manager of the boyscouts and organised the Fancy Fair among other things for the Mission Home Front. Freek started himself in the darkest hour of his life. ‘I was born with a muscle disorder and was bullied horribly. It became so bad that I was suicidal between the age of 8 and 10.’

Regardless of that, it was exactly in the same phase that Freek started helping others. Something only a true Knight does, according to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. For that reason her received his medal and ribbon of Kngihthood in 2012. ‘A very special moment. I wear my ribbon every day with pride.’

Life mission

‘Making myself useful to help others in need is my life mission. It gives me so much energy that I want to continue doing it for the rest of my life. During a sport- and play day in Poland I gave a depressed boy a second hand tennisball with a smiley and his name on it as a present. He started crying tears of joy, out of gratitude. That is a feeling nothing can beat.’


Lottery tickets from the State Lottery

‘If I would win a substantial amount of money with the State Lottery, I would give part of it first of all to the Intentio Foundation. It is a very small foundation and the volunteers pay everything out of their own pocket.’

‘Another part of the money could be used for a project in our charity shop where I also do volunteer work. We want to offer certificated training courses on the subjects salesskills, administration, logistics and technical engineering for our beneficiaries. For that project we need at least 50.000,- euro so we are looking for sponsors.’

Busy bee

Freek works 38 hours a week as an accountmanager at an ICT-company. He uses his holidays to umpire badminton internationally, as a volunteer, across the globe at least 100(!) matches per year. The rest of his spare time he uses completely to help three charity organisations.



 The past thirteen years he works as a volunteer for the Dutch branch of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. ‘I do PR and fundraising, give presentations at schools and corporations and every now and then I am allowed to help out with a wish in the Netherlands.’

Donating clothes from the charity shop to the Kurdish Refugees

Donating clothes from the charity shop to the Kurdish Refugees

Keeping his feet on the ground

Next to that Freek helps out at charity shop De Waarde in Utrecht every second Saturday. ‘It is much more than just a charity shop. Our team of volunteers tries to help as many people as possible with all kinds of problems.’

‘The work there keeps me with both legs on the ground. I never realised for example how many poor people there are in the Netherlands. The fact that some of our customers are not even able to pay the amount of 1,75 euro with their bank account, really hit me hard.’

Sports and Games

And then there is the Intentio Foundation in the city of Almere. ‘We collect, among others, clothing and toys for under priviliged children homes in Poland. And we organise fun sports- and game days for underprivliged kids in Almere.’

Connecting people

To help these chairy foundations, Freek mainly uses his extensive network. Hij posts and tweets many times about his activities and does not hesitate to envolve his business network to assemble goods for instance. ‘Through connecting people, you can achieve a huge amount. And I love being the one who connects the right people, the so called spider in the web.’

Umpiring Badminton at the All England Open 2013

Umpiring Badminton at the All England Open 2013


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