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A little respect.


As a fellow sister, woman and friend I am deeply ashamed and appalled by my fellow women. Where is the respect?

All the gossiping and bringing down of other women is one of the things that just get to me. What good will that ever do? And what do some ladies hope to achieve when saying some snarky remarks about the other woman? I have had ladies who were friends or people I studied with who never saw or felt the need to say something positive about other women. It’s always “ Oh look at how her nose and lips are too big for her face”, “Jesus who does her shopping” or “where does she get all those mismatched clothes”? Let me take a minute to make a point here. The minute you open your mouth to say something mean about the other woman in front of a man, the man will know you are insecure. Only insecure folks feel the need to say something nasty about the other women to make herself look good.

This issue going on between friends or sisters about stealing men or cheating with another woman’s husband or boyfriend is just as equally disturbing. Some women need to get some damn self-esteem, Furthermore A REAL MAN CANNOT BE STOLEN.  So if you are stupid enough to think a man will leave his wife for you, you better think again. This is one of the worst situation a woman can ever put herself in, the man will lie about how him and his wife do not talk, about how he “resents her” but loves you, bull I say. Basically we need to respect other women and ourselves too. Respect other women’s territories and boundaries, put yourself in their shoes none of us would like another woman sticking her big foot in our relationship. There is an old adage which goes like this “do unto other’s what you want them to do to you”.

We as women need to uplift each other. Personally am sick and tired of some women’s attitudes. From women threatening me on facebook, a roommate who goes to say awful things about her roommate to other people who care to listen, nasty looks and jealous comments just because you might have something they do not have to women who post their ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend naked photo’s on a social network illegally which is just plain disrespectful.

A woman who is a good friend to other women shines in that friendship (womanly love) and becomes a better person. Men envy that relationship we have with other women. Just as Iron sharpens Iron, It Is from is that men learn how to treat women. If we grew to respect, love and nurture each other, which is exactly how men will treat women because of what they see from us.  Just as one of my favourite Christian author Ms Hammond says in one of her books “If women would declare a moratorium of fidelity and stood their ground refusing to sleep with married men, you would see men becoming men, lining up straight and treat their wives and houses in order”. Amen to that Sister!

Personally I do not have a problem with what other women choose to wear or who they choose to have as a life partner, my problem will only arise if some women feel the need to dictate to me how I should live my life, how I should make my bed or how I should style my hair or what I should wear.

Therefore fellow sisters I leave you with this one word:



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