Gold diggers have really been treated unfairly. I mean women who work but expect men to pay for grooming rituals. I truly believe these women are onto something. If you have dated a broke you will know exactly what I am talking about.

“Sisters who have dated broke guys anonymous” meetings should be formed. Lord knows women like us are never celebrated. Other women think we are idiots (buying expensive cologne for our men who got no job and the men think we are losers too. If you have never received a ‘please call I love you’ / or pay for your man’s taxi which in fact refused to drop him right at your gate, then you are likely to think I am being extreme.



Dating a guy who is “self – employed” or “between jobs” starts off like this: he is romantic, attentive and always keeps you in the loop about the 50 projects he is working on or that job interview he is going to, you feeling loved up and supportive re assure him that you know he is doing his best. Giving him taxi money and paying for dates is not an issue. He has potential alright and plus when he makes his millions you will gloat to all the people who laughed at you. But then slowly he asks you once more to pay for the date, you start to feel that his “potential” took a leave of absence.

My girlfriends and I have dated some of the shadiest men in East London. I once had a boyfriend who stole my money knowing that that was my only money for my taxi to go to college. I am not saying men should be billionaires but I no longer date “potential”. When people say “Oh Julie, you should meet so and so, you’d like him”, I always ask;

a) Does he have a stable job?

b) A car?

If not then Sorry like Johnnie Walker, he can keep walking, thank you very much. It is really hard to have sex with a guy when you are cooking his food and paying for his taxi. You begin to feel like his mother. It is against the laws of physics.

Gold diggers understand that men provide and women are there to look pretty, be driven around and pampered. Why should they feel shame especially when there are so many men living off lonely women who do not have the courage to tell them to get off their damn couch and get a career. Come to think of it I might just drop my whole feminism stunt and join the GD club.

So here henceforth, I will no longer judge women who date rich men only.

Do your thing girl I support you.


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